set sail with most reckless band in the seven seas !

At RECKLESS PIRATES, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate Carnival Experience in Bahamas Carnival; Scenic views along the coastline, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, dub Bahamas Carnival, most popular & scenic Carnival stops on the planet


Shelly Monique

Lead Designer

Shelly has over 10 years experience in fashion design. She's taken the lead to create our  Forbidden Treasure theme for 2020.

Latrell Jones

Costume Architect

Latrell's expertise lies in his ability to customize every detail of your costume from head to toe. His passion is reckless.

Joselyn Amara


Joeslyn is our newest addition to the team and works with dexterity and precision.

Paul Farquharson, Jr – Managing Partner / Operations

Dayan Bourne – CPA Financial Director 

Emile Ledee – Co-Band Leader /  Events

Stephen Bellot – Co-Band Leader / Logistics

Brently Young –  Management Team

Paul Farquharson III – Management Team

Gregory Knowles – Management Team

Ian “Hutch” Hutchinson – Management Team

Jan Thurston & Kira Horton– Events Management

Melody Sweeting – HR & Administration

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